Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 3

While this blog is under investigation I will continue to keep it active...covertly.

Today I would like to get a better handle on Delicious: get some bookmarks in place, organize them by topic, access some shared bookmarks, upload some bookmarks from this machine.

Also, what about the igoogle thing? Not sure about creating another environment there that needs attention along with the SPSD email account and the home email account. Is now the time to kill the home email account and move to gmail? A little suspect about following the yellow brick road to the wonderful wizzard of of google.

I am pondering what the architecture should be for for further development. Should there be a blog for each class for each year that contains blog entries, points to student blogs and other student work as well as classroom activities and web based resources? Or should a web page be developed that "contains" a launching point for each class/course? The second option seems more likely to support future growth, more organized and more maintainable.

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